About Rosie

Hi, I’m Rosie.

Thank you for having a look around my site: I hope it inspires you in some small way…

I have been a lover of vintage fashion for many years now, with a particular passion for making vintage pieces work in everyday life. One of the reasons that I spend hours in flea markets (and way too long getting ready in the morning) is that I genuinely appreciate the struggle: its not easy to feel 100% confident even when wearing the most stunning vintage peices.

We may have fantastic taste and an individual style, yet lack the confidence to  wear a winning combination of retro peices to work. The looks we lust after can feel a wee bit over the top if we are simply heading down the local pub on a Tuesday night.

So one of the aims of this site is to enable us all to add a little bit of vintage to our look – even if its just a scarf one day, or a fabulous forties-style pencil skirt the next. I hope that Retro with Rosie will inspire you to integrate beautiful vintage finds into your existing wardrobe, and that my tips and tricks will help you develop the confidence to actually wear them!

I also work to compile listings of all the best vintage events happening in and around London each month, from beautiful vintage fair to quirky club nights… Head to Rosie’s Vintage Diary to find out more.

Lots of love,

Rosie xxx

If you want to get in touch, feel free to email me on retrowithrosie@hotmail.co.uk or follow me on Twitter via @retrowithrosie.

Photography: Corrin Grant

2 Responses to “About Rosie”
  1. Sheila Howat says:

    Hi Rosie,
    I love your blog. You are an inspiration for me to make time to re-kindle a love of hunting for beautiful vintage pieces. They are such a delight to wear, not only because of fun,style and beauty, but of the possibilities of their former life..

    • Hi Sheila, thank you for your really lovely comment. I bet you have loads of wonderful things, your whole house is like a treasure-trove where everything seems to have a story! But I agree that hunting down the items can be such an enjoyable part. Jewellery in particular… I love thinking about when it was bought, whether it was a gift, who it was worn by and for what occasion. So much mystery! I actually just bought loads of stuff today at this clothing fair (got a little bit carried away)… pictures coming soon. Lots of love, Rosie x

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