How To – The Ladylike Top Knot

The humble top knot can be a lifesaver when you’re short for time or if your hair is totally misbehaving! Most of the time I just pull my hair back into a ponytail then wrap the hair around into a messy bun, securing it with a few bobby pins. However, my hair is pretty thick and straight, which means the escaping tendrils aren’t cute and wispy but irritatingly straight and spiky… does anyone else have this problem?

Sometimes an occasion calls for something a little more special which I why I developed this method for creating what I call a ‘pincushion’ top knot: nicely shaped, symmetrical and neat.

The end result looks like this:

I think top knots can look brilliantly dramatic if all the hair is pulled back, but for today I chose to leave the front section down to frame my face and soften the look.

Start by brushing your hair until smooth, then pull it up into a high ponytail. This is when you choose how high you would like the top knot to sit. Further back on the head will create more of a ballerina-bun look, but for a true top knot take it as high as you dare!

Secure the ponytail with a hair elastic. I tend to use a little wax or pomade to smooth down flyaways but hairspray works just as well.

When you are happy with the positioning of your ponytail, take a 1-2 inch section from one side of it. Starting at the end of this section, roll the hair under itself all the way up to the elastic, forming a little roll. Secure the little roll to your scalp with a couple of bobby pins or hair grips. Then take the section of hair next to this little roll and repeat the process, pinning it beside the original.

Keep doing this, working your way around the ponytail to create a circle of little rolls. You may need to reposition a couple of them, but you’ll end up with a neat pincushion style topknot! Just spritz with a little hairspray to keep it all neat.

You could even tie a small vintage silk scarf or a scrap piece of lace around the topknot for some added flair!

So what do you think of the pincushion topknot? Do you prefer the softer version or the more dramatic look, with all your pulled back and pinned high? And how high do you go?

Rosie xxx

2 Responses to “How To – The Ladylike Top Knot”
  1. love it! for a more dramtic effect you can clip or pin in some hair extensions too! I do that all the time

  2. Have been wondering how people have been doing this so neatly – thanks for the tips Rosie, can’t wait to try it 🙂

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