The Bloomsbury Coffee House

As my life appears to be fuelled more than coffee than by sleep right now, I’m always on the look-out for an independent, proper coffee shop. Somewhere with substance and a little style, where I can take a few minutes out from 2012’s roaring chain-loving consumerism and just… breathe.

Which is why this little place caught my caffeine-hungry eye when it appeared in one of the basements on Tavistock Place – and then proceeded to please me so much that I thought I’d better spread the word.

Tripping down the iron staircase and through the doors, my impressions were pleasant – a quaint wooden counter, tea and coffee options scrawled on blackboards, a selection of homemade goodies. My cappuccino was well made, although to be honest, I’m easily won over once they’ve made the foam and chocolate into a heart shape!

However, I think it was all the finishing touches that filled me with contentment as I sipped on my coffee and looked around… mismatched wooden tables and chairs, a ramshackle collection of old mirrors all hung on the same wall, brown sugar filling Lyle’s Golden Syrup tins and quaint teapots holding the cutlery.

A hundred times better than a soulless chain, no? I know I’ll be heading back for more…

You’ll find the Bloomsbury Coffee House at 20 Tavistock Place, WC1H 9RE.

2 Responses to “The Bloomsbury Coffee House”
  1. Joel says:

    You might also like our amazing cafe revive@emmaus which is furnished with all donated goods in a vintage retro style showing of what could be bought in our emporium or secondhand superstore. We have a tasty menu which is prepared and ifall served up by our companions who live and work in the community. Please have a look at our website. And if your in brighton be sure to pop in.

  2. charitychic says:

    Love those mirrors! I am a tea drinker and avoid those High Street commercial giants like the plague. I’m around that spot all the time so will be paying a visit! x

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