Sunday Best at Pop Up Vintage Fair

On Sunday 12th February, I was once again enchanted by a Pop Up Vintage Fair. Here’s my latest post to explain exactly why…

It’s Sunday morning, 10am, and I’m on my way to St Stephen’s church. I’m dressed in my version of Sunday best – a vintage floral maxi skirt, tan brogues,  vintage belt, an old handbag of my grandmother’s and of course, my trusty fur coat.

As I hop off the bus and walk towards the church, I have to admit, it’s not prayer I have in mind… Instead, I’m looking forward to seriously indulging myself for a few blissful hours.

Ducking through the church doors, I’m met by a beautiful sight – fairy lights wound around stone pillars, bunting looped across above and best of all, a whole load of vintage.

This particular Sunday, St Stephen’s church is the beautiful setting for Pop Up Vintage Fair, a monthly event that moves between equally evocative venues in Hampstead and Islington.

Once inside, I catch up with Pop Up Vintage Fair’s lovely organiser, Maxine, who explains to me how important the beautiful setting is to her. When she launched the fair last year, she wanted it to feature quality vintage stock in an environment that truly does it justice.

The range of the stallholders is also key to Maxine’s vision: there’s both men and women’s vintage clothing; jewellery and accessories; knickkacks and homewear. Alongside the vintage stock, there’s some vintage-inspired goodies (like the jewellery below from Follow The White Rabbit) and even some upcycled china from the lovely Melody Rose. Maxine also works to ensure there is something for every budget, so nobody feels priced out.

I have to say that I think Maxine has completely hit the nail on the head… I go to a fair few vintage fairs, but Pop Up keeps me coming back month after month. Not only do I know it will be a completely charming experience, but I’m guaranteed to leave with some lovely vintage additions to my wardrobe – without bankrupting myself!

This particular Sunday, it’s Crystal Vintage whose wares first catch my eye. I snap up a gorgeous blouse and a Jacques Vert pencil skirt from the lovely Chloe who owns Crystal Vintage. Perfect for the office…

From Crystal Vintage

Later, I giggle with the girls from Snaffle Vintage as I fall in love with this creamy knitted jumper of theirs. A new wardrobe staple!

Photograph by Pappillon Pictures

The blouse has a slight tear on the seam, so I head to Splendid Stitches alteration booth to seek some advice. Another great feature of this fair, seamstress extraordinaire Nanna offers alterations and repairs to perfect those ‘not quite right’ vintage pieces. Generous with her advice, Nanna even explains what I’d need to do if I attempted it myself… but I have a feeling I’ll be popping into her Kentish Town workshop sometime soon!

Before heading back out into the freezing Hampstead afternoon, I make a beeline for the legendary Vintage Teatime stall (pausing only to snap up a pair of seamed stockings).

A steaming cup of tea and a generous slice of Gin Drizzle cake for my Sunday brunch, with a bag of quality vintage goodies at my side. My wallet’s a little lighter, but pleasingly so. A satisfied customer? I think so…

The next Pop Up Vintage Fair is taking place at the Islington Assembly Hall (Town Hall, Upper Street, Islington, N1 2UD) on Sunday 11th March. For details of that and all future Pop Up Vintage Fairs, click here.

2 Responses to “Sunday Best at Pop Up Vintage Fair”
  1. Kat says:

    What a lovely blog post! You write beautifully & have taken some lovely pictures! Will def be checking in future to see what else you’ve been up to xoxo

  2. Oh what a lovely blog post!!
    I agree, it’s a fabulous fair with lots of tempting Vintage finds to lighten your purse.
    I’m so glad you enjoyed the Gin drizzle *real Gin and lots of it* cake

    Salina xxxx

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