The Great Glasses Debate

As a skinny, nerdy child who wore massive glasses from the age of six, I happily reliquished my specs aged thirteen and honestly haven’t looked back since. Until now…

I often channel the whole librarian-chic style: midi-skirts, pretty blouses, cardigans and t-bar shoes, but so far I have drawn the line at adding those glasses. Resisting the pull of my own past perhaps? Or maybe I’ve just been wary of jumping on the Hoxton geek-chic bandwagon.

Despite these concerns, I’ve recently found myself gazing enviously at all those guys and gals on the tube who just seem to have got the glasses thing totally right. It’s something to do with the fact that they are deliberately not trying to look sexy that seems to make them even more alluring – does anyone get what I mean?

Alexa Chung

Anne Hathaway

So in an experiment to see if I can handle being bespectacled once again, I ordered these lovelies off Asos. I’d seen a few vintage pairs at various fairs, but my reluctance to commit meant I always ended up walking away. I decided I’d try these £12 clear lens frames and see if I felt edgy and sexy, or just like my awkward twelve year old self once again. My boyfriend did point out that it was a little crazy to put fake glasses on top of my contact lenses but a girl has to try things out first!

So what do you think? Should I invest in some proper prescription frames and go back to wearing my glasses some of the time?

If I do, I know I’ll be browsing at Retrospecs and the wonderful Kings of Past for a set of vintage frames which can then be fitted with my prescription. If you happen to have eyes that actually work, these guys can also fit their frames with clear lenses for you.

If you’d like to give being bespectacled a tentative whirl, here are a few of my affordable top picks…

Asos (£12)

Jeepers Peepers (£12)

Klauds85 (£10)

It’s definitely worth looking on Urban Exchange and on Ebay too. Remember that glasses tend to make your eyes look smaller, so you’ll need a bit of eye make-up. Some smouldering smoky eyeshadow or retro winged eyeliner will do the trick.

Let me know if you end up discovering a whole new look!
Rosie x

6 Responses to “The Great Glasses Debate”
  1. Liz Tregenza says:

    Although i don’t wear glasses (ahem i should but never bother as my eyesight is wonky rather than bad) I’ve been helping my mum find vintage frames for years. She often buys glasses from Dead man’s spex and has had some seriously fab examples!

  2. That’s interesting! @FlamingoAmy has also just contacted me via Twitter to recommend Dead Men’s Spex, who also fit vintage frames with prescription lenses… Thanks for your ideas ladies. Anyone else have any good recommendations?

  3. Lindsay says:

    They do work – you’ve got a lovely face and they make for a cool accessory – but I’d wonder if something more cat-eyed is worth checking out? The “trial” pair curves down a bit, if you see what I mean, so it’s almost the illusion of a frown. And you’re far too pretty for that!

    Definitely admire your gumption to try them back out. I wear glasses at home and when I can’t be arsed, to Tesco or Starbucks – but there’s always that sense of childhood fear!! Congrats on taking back nerd chic!

  4. As a speccy geek myself, I think that the glasses look great! I am also guilty of wearing fake glasses over my contacts (well, where do you find pink tartan prescription glasses?).
    As for recommendations, I love They have loads of fab sunglasses as well as normal ones.

  5. modflowers says:

    I’m with Lindsay – I think you should definitely try out a pair of fabulously 1960s cat-eye style frames!

  6. Sally says:

    Glasses only make your eyes look smaller if you are short sighted! If you are long sighted, your eyes will look larger 🙂

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